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Type 1 Diabetes
Parents that have children with Type 1 Diabetes face daily worries of loosing their children to this Chronic Disease. Like all Chronic Diseases there is no cure. The number of families that are struggling with this disease is increasing daily.

Parents that find out their child has Type 1 Diabetes are given a lot more education on the disease than the other Chronic Illnesses. We leave understanding what it is, how to give shots, how to count carbs, and how to notice high and low blood sugars. Amazing...tons of information that part of it quickly slips away when we are released from the hospital. When my first of the two girls got diagnosed we left the hospital with a folder of information and a book with all the information anyone could need.

So I thought...

Then the everyday issues hit. Returning to school, sleep-overs, birthday parties, finding fun or athletic medical alert bracelets, the list goes on. Depression follows with the child but it also hits the parents as well. Depression and Mourning for their child's future. Alone and scared...Most parents live their lives waiting for the next doctors appointments.
It feels like a life line that is thrown every three months. However when those appointments came I didn't bring up the everyday problems because I was given new insulin numbers to give, a nutritionist to answer carbohydrate questions, and nurses that wanted to talk about blood glucose levels.

This is how
Our Wisdom Shared was born. I saw a need for parent support. Support for the daily non- medical issues. The ones that we as parents have to fumble through. The ones not covered in those appointments we so faithfully go to.

Our Wisdom shared
Type 1 Diabetes

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